Monday, May 25, 2009

We Are Registered

Many of you have been asking about where we are registered for our wedding.

The answer:

Sur La Table,, and Target.

And if you purchase us a gift from any of these fine retailers we will be very grateful. However, we will also be grateful if you give the gift of family recipes, gift certificates, or simply your presence at our wedding.

And since we're returning to Seattle by plane following the wedding we're going to have to carry any presents with us so we'd be even more grateful if presents arrived by mail.

Our address is 6049 6th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107.

We hope all of you are doing well and can't wait to see you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thursday Night Festivities

Hello wedding revelers,

First of all, we are so excited and honored that so many of you are making the long trip down to the Lone Star state. Can’t wait to see everyone!
Here’s some info about the Thursday night festivities. My lovely best friend and maid of honor Erin did some research and found the cheapest hotel near where we’re going out that night and has reserved a block of rooms under the Weldon/Nickum party at the Holiday Inn. Here's the hotel website: It’s pricier than in Longview for sure, $149 for 2 double beds, but if we go 4 to a room of course it’s not too bad. THEY WILL ONLY HOLD THE ROOMS UNTIL MAY 25. The hotel has a free shuttle that can take us to Billy Bob’s and to downtown if we choose.
Here’s what we’re thinking for that evening:
Lots of people are coming at lots of different times, but generally most will be here by 6 or 7 that afternoon. Those coming later can take advantage of the free shuttle to meet up. We’re definitely going to Billy Bob’s, but we’ll probably head over to the downtown area at some point because Billy Bob’s will be fun for a while but probably not the whole night. We’ll probably need to take a 10 minute cab ride from Billy Bob’s into downtown. We’ll try to find a fun dinner place too. We’re eating barbeque on Friday night and authentic Mexican at the wedding; so maybe we’ll try to eat something different Thursday night. Tex-Mex? Burgers? If you feel any strong opinions on this matter, please voice them.
As far as the next day goes, do what you like. Ryan and I will probably head back to Longview pretty early, but feel free to sleep in, have brunch somewhere, do some cruising around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Longview is about 2 hours from Dallas, 2 ½ from Ft. Worth. The rehearsal dinner will be in the early evening Friday (7 or 8, not sure yet, you’re all invited), we’ll provide directions to that location later on.
I’m sure that we’ve forgotten or overlooked at least several key details, so please PLEASE, write/call/text any questions or clarifications you have.

See you soon!!!!!!

Paige & Ryan

Sunday, February 15, 2009

At last, some details

Hello friends! Hope all of you are well. The wedding date is drawing near and we just wanted to give you some information now so you can start making plans if you’re coming. And we hope you are!

First things first, flight information. The wedding is still June 27th in Longview, TX at 7 pm. Yee-haw. Dallas/Ft. Worth is the closest major airport, it’s a 21/2-3 hour drive to Longview from there. You can actually fly into Longview at Gregg County Airport on American Airlines, the flights are generally about $100-$150 more and all stop over in DFW first. So that’s another option.

Another thing to consider is getting a bunch of people together to rent a car. Some of our friends in Seattle are going to all go in on a van or SUV together during the weekend, so it’s something that a group of you might consider.

The wedding is on Saturday, but you’re welcome to come on Thursday or Friday. On Friday night everyone is invited to the rehearsal dinner, which is actually a barbeque in a barn. We’re sure lots of you will come Friday, but we figured that IF anyone can and wants to come on Thursday, we can have fun going out in Dallas or Ft. Worth that night, kind of a little bachelor/bachelorette party. We’ll definitely be in Dallas that night so if you can join us, awesome, but don’t feel any pressure. If you decide that you’d like to come on Thursday just let us know as soon as you can so we can make some hotel reservations in Dallas or Ft. Worth. We think it’d be fun to hang out in Ft. Worth so we can go to THE WORLD’S BIGGEST HONKY-TONK, Billy Bob’s, and really play up the Texas kitsch. Thoughts? You should know that it has the world’s first mechanical bull.

Now, accommodations in Longview. We have blocked off lots of rooms at the brand-new La Quinta Inn. We have blocked off double rooms with 2 queen-sized beds and singles with king-sized beds, both for $89 per night. We also blocked some king suites which are $10 more per night. They will hold these rooms for us until 2 weeks before the wedding, after that they will give the rooms away. You can call and make reservations at this number:

La Quinta Inn

There are lots of restaurants and stuff nearby. But we’ll be feeding you for the majority of your stay so don’t worry about that too much!

SO, we know that this is a lot of information. If all of these logistics haven’t scared you away yet, the easiest thing to do is talk amongst yourselves to discuss when to come, rental car, and hotel stuff. Then let us know your plans! Email us at